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AdSense Breaks News at CRS Conference

December 5, 2009

We were thrilled to have Jonathan Ballack, from Google, present the keynote at CRS in New York on November 5, 2009.

All of the 250 people in the room were enthralled at his presentation on how AdSense Publishers can participate in the AdManager and AdExchange products Google has developed.

Jonathan also announced that a small group of publishers have begun testing a new AdSense interface in limited beta.

Read more about what the new interface includes at


Liberty for All from Google

October 21, 2009

images I’ve read too many blog posts from people in the online industry complaining about Google. Let’s face it, without Google how many search practitioners would have jobs! Instead of complaining that Google don’t do this or that, I started Content Revenue Strategies Conference which Google have been fantastic in supporting – both as a sponsor and as presenters.  A highlight of the conference is the Closing Keynote: AdSense Publisher Forum where a senior team of Google product managers, content specialists and marketing team members take questions from the audience and share best practices for maximizing your Google Content spend. The panelist appearing at CRS in NYC on November 5 include:

• Christian Ashlock, Associate Manager, Online Sales & Operations, Google

• Gavin Bishop, Head of Publisher Solutions, Google

• Tim Evans, Product Manager, Google

• Atul Bhandari, AdSense Product Manager, Google

• Jens Skakkebaek, Group Product Manager – AdSense, Google

Please join us on November 5 and be part of the conversation and liberate yourself from those burning questions you’ve always wanted to ask.