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Cross Pixel Media rents a list of 15 million shoppers

November 28, 2009

Cross Pixel Media, an Exhibitor in CRS Zone, were very happy with the Expo Space foot traffic. If you missed them at CRS, the quick pitch is that Cross Pixel Media has list data on over 17 million active, wallet-ready shoppers in 15 shopping categories which they will rent! This¬† “Cross targeting” enables advertisers to “rent” an e-commerce site’s visitor list and deliver targeted ads to those 17 million active shoppers. Now, that’s a new form of behavioral targeting for you!

On behalf of the CRS team, congrats on a successful launch and best wishes for 2010. See you in San Francisco!


Insights on Affiliate Marketing at CRS

November 28, 2009

Ali Croft - Affiliate PR & Marketing Specialist

At the CRS Conference in New York earlier this month, a fantastic group of leading industry practitioners who I respect very much gave a compelling presentation Рsee Рto a packed room of over 150  AdSense Publishers eager to know more about performance based marketing.

Crafted together by Ali Croft from JustDriveMedia, the phenomenal growth of affiliate marketing is one of the reasons why Google now is flexing its muscle with the Google Affiliate Network.

Our philosophy at CRS is to bring AdSense Publishers more information about the broad offers available from merchants and affiliate networks who are interested in increasing revenue to their websites.

Mike Roberts – The OpenX Open Ping Pong Champion 2009

November 7, 2009

IMG_3650Congratulations to Mike Roberts, the OpenX Open Ping Pong Champion 2009. Mike is founder/CEO of SpyFu and a self professed ping pong fan, he fancied his chances going into the event. In the preliminary rounds, he looked out of form but soon found his game after switching ping pong bats. In a closely fought out final, he prevailed and was last seen wearing his trophy around his lanyard at SpinNY later that night.

Great event guys, Thanks to Tim, Al, Mike from OpenX for their wonderful idea to host a Ping Pong Tournament

AdKnowledge & AOL Q&A

November 3, 2009
Geri Guillermo_web

Geri Guillermo - AOL

As part of the run-up to the Context Revenue Strategies conference on Thursday, October 5th Jay Sears from ContextWeb has shared some Q&A’s with some of the panelists from the CRS kick-off panel “The State of Content Advertising: The Players, The Options, The Best Practices” at 9am on Thursday, November 5th.Brett Brewer - AdKnowledge

Check out the blogpost Q&A on Brett Brewer from AdKnowledge and Geri Guillermo from AOL.