It’s not always about the money


Monetization, Revenue, CPMs, CPLs, CPAs, LeadGen, Affiliate payouts, AdSense – these are some of the most frequent words spoken in our office. Which is why I wanted to let you know of two people who are making a difference and leading by example that “it’s not always about the money”.images-2

Shawn Collins, Affiliate Summit maestro who is speaking at Content Revenue Strategies Conference, is raising $2,500 in the Damon Runyon 5K Run for Cancer Research. If you haven’t supported Shawn’s charity event, please do so as some parents are living right now knowing their child has an incurable disease.

Cameron Daddo, who you’ve most probably seen on TV or in movies is undertaking the GuluWalk to raise money for the children of northern Uganda, who are often forced into being soldiers. Cameron will walk with his 3 children and lead the way to providing relief to this 23 year struggle which has displaced so many Ugandan children.

images-1 So please spend a few minutes when you read this post and think about how fortunate you are. I know I have and I urge you all to as well. Click here to sponsor GuluWalk and remember to select the individual box and write in Cameron Daddo.

See you in New York on the 5th November and be sure to tell me you donated. I’ll buy you a drink 🙂 after the Conference.


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