YouTube Promoted Videos – Contextually Relevant

YouTube Promoted Videos explained at CRS in NYC

YouTube Promoted Videos explained at CRS in NYC

We are super excited that we have several panels talking about Video and Contextual Advertising at Content Revenue Strategies Conferences.

I was just reading about the YouTube Promoted Videos on the AdSense BlogPost that Arlene Lee posted.

YouTube Promoted Videos in AdSense ad units feature a thumbnail image with three lines of text, and
when clicked, will bring the user to watch a video or view a channel on YouTube. They’re contextually targeted to publisher pages and everytime someone clicks, the publisher earns on a CPC basis.

Listen to Jennifer Hyman, Head of Business Marketing, YouTube speak at Content Revenue Strategies in New York on 5th November


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    […] Revenues in Video Content and Syndication” panel because there’s a lot happening with YouTube Promoted Videos and other trends in the world of video contextual […]

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